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Tuesday (oops!) recap by Katie
December 23, 2009, 6:28 pm
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Whenever I’m on vacation, the days start to blend together! I had good intentions of posting last night until my stepdad’s brother Patrick arrived from Colorado, their brother Brian came over (there are 6 in total), and we just had to have a “Welcome home, Patrick!” drink.

Fact: I love straight whiskey (of good quality of course).  I think it’s one type of alcohol that no one bought much in college and so I only tried it in small amounts and of high quality at home.   I prefer to be hanging out with my family compared to most everything so that was my top priority last night, hope no one missed me too much ;).

Let’s back track though!  Cinnamon raisin bagel, my favorite bagel flavor!  With light cream cheese and some coffee and an orange.   I can’t find many good bagels in Colorado so this was a delicious treat.

I tackled 90% of my Christmas shopping in the 3 hours after that! Can you believe it?!  I had to buy for my mom, dad, stepdad, stepmom, sister, brother, stepsister, and secret santa.  Since shipping gifts or packing in them in my luggage would add up (unless I was WAY more organized) I decided to wait until I got home but used my BlackBerry to keep track of ideas. Then, I made a budget, wrote a specific list, divided the list into stores, and stuck to it.  I stopped to meet my dad for lunch at Beal Street Cafe and had an open-faced barbeque sandwich.  No picture- I’m trying to figure out how to explain a blog to my dad because I’m almost sure he has never seen a blog as he can barely work the computer.

After my power shopping and a lifting workout, I had a snack of half an apple microwaved with cinnamon, topped with yogurt, pumpkin, and pomegranate arils.

For dinner, we went over to a family friend’s house.  Dianna is one of my mom’s closest friends and a wonderful cook and her daughter Elyse is a year younger than me and we’ve always been close as well.  She drove cross-country with me when I moved to Colorado and we had so much fun! If I move back east for a job, last night we decided she will fly out to Denver and drive back with me.  Dianna made a delicious chicken and beef chili that had a nice touch of cinnamon and served it with whole wheat pasta.

Feeling the need for something more fresh and leafy, I filled my main dish with salad and had a little pasta in my salad bowl.

My mom made the salad and she makes the best Hugh Jass salads. She always makes a huge bowl for the week with a mix of greens and then adds toppings as we use it.  For tonight, there was dill, pomegranate arils, red peppers, cucumbers, and green onion.  Elyse made a simple dressing with balsamic, olive oil, and Dijon mustard.

After lots of chatting and red wine and a little bit of cookie sampling, we headed home since Patrick was arriving (refer to beginning of post and you can see how the night ended ;)). I also tried some of this beer.  It was quite hoppy but very tasty.  I couldn’t have more than one of these at a time but took my time sipping it throughout the rest of the night.

Today (Wednesday), breakfast was similar to my yogurt snack above and lunch was out with my Grandpa to a small Italian restaurant near his house.  If you spun around and randomly picked a restaurant in Rochester, the chances it was either Italian or a burger place are about 1 in 2.  Tonight, my stepdad is making gnocci and then I am going on a pub crawl with my cousins.   Endless indulgences!!!

Since it really is once a year that I get to see all of my ginormous family, I’m not really worried about all the treats.  I’m trying to do everything in moderation (like the big salad and side pasta last night) but I’m not stressed out that I’ll likely gain a measly amount of weight.  I could either stress about it, likely still eat it, and then feel guilty or just enjoy it! After I return home, I’ll be back to cooking most of my own meals and working out. My uncle is going to try to hook me up with a free pass to the YMCA for a few days so I can go spinning with him. I would love some cardio in my life and that is just not happening while it’s 10 degrees out. How do you approach thinking about the holidays?

Be back later tonight or tomorrow morning!



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