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How the cookie crumbles by Katie
December 21, 2009, 10:30 pm
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My apologies for the lack of a post yesterday. There was a morning of lifting (nice little set of free weights and a bench in the basement), a family Christmas party, and one sick puppy that needed to be taken to the emergency vet :(.  He had parvovirus which can be deadly apparently but we caught it fast and after two nights in the puppy isolation ward, he shall return tomorrow morning!

‘Twas love at first sight!

Today was deemed cookie baking day by my mom and my sister, stepsister, and I baked the day away.   My mom has a cookie master friend who recommended some recipes and we made these guys (more to come believe it or not…):

Thank goodness for the internet or this would be a REALLY long post with all of those recipes!

I started on the dough for the Fantasy Chocolate-Caramel Delights since it had to be refrigerated.

Then I took a break to make breakfast for the four of us (vegans avert your eyes).  My aunt and uncle decided to start raising chickens (oh actually, I have two sets that do this though one set is in Oregon) and gave out gifts of farm fresh eggs yesterday.  I was pretty stoked about this- notice all the different sizes! So natural, YES!

I promise we don’t eat like this all the time.  Nor do we bake endless batches of cookies like housewives of yore.

Onward to Cherry-Nut Rugalach.  First, I chopped up dried cherries and boiled them in water and sugar to reduce.

Meanwhile, I made and rolled out dough approximately in a circle shape and then topped it with the cherry mixture.  I cut it into wedges and rolled up from the wide edge.

The final verdict on the Cherry-Nut Rugalach was that the dough was just okay, it seemed like it wasn’t sweet enough for a cookie.  The filling was excellent however and helped compensate for the lackluster dough.

Next, I made the dough for the Pastry Pillows, stuck it in the fridge, and melted caramel for the Chocolate-Caramel Delights while my sisters helped me roll the chocolaty dough into balls and cover them in almonds.

I got too busy and lack some in between pictures although I did not fail to get the final pictures.  I drizzled the cookies in chocolate and then with the leftover caramel (it was initially used to fill thumbprint holes).

The verdict on the Fantasy Chocolate-Caramel Delights, if you can’t tell just from your drooling, is that this is a recipe worth repeating.  The name seemed pretentious- did they really need to use the word “fantasy”?  But I think this cookie deserves a fantasy.  The yield was a bit low (maybe 24?) so either make them very small or double the batch.

While I worked on these, my sisters made the Pecan Balls.

The Pecan Ball recipe was by far the most simple to make and very delicious to eat.

Next please! Scandinavian Almond Bars I was not too excited for because I despise the smell of almond extract.  Also, the dough was not easy to roll and caused some frustration. I pushed through the pain though ;).

This is post baking and slicing.  Icing was drizzled on top but it mostly drizzled off until I let them cool a bit more.   The Almond Bars had a strong almond extract flavor (is it just me or does the extract smell nothing like almonds? :-/) but all other family members gave a big thumbs up.

Lastly (for today) I made the most labor intensive cookie: Pastry Pillows. First, the dough was rolled out and cut into approximately 2″x2″ squares.

A touch of homemade jam and almond paste were added to each dough square, the edges were brushed with egg, and another dough square was pressed on top.  It looked a bit like a ravioli.

The end result was puffy, light, and just-right sweet.

I hope no one minded all the shots being from the same angle.  I’m still using my BlackBerry camera and I must set it on a surface to get a clear pictures.

For some crazy reason, I jumped into the car with my sister as soon as we finished to do some shopping.  When I finally sat down for the first time all day, I decided coffee was necessary and we stopped at Boulder Coffee where we split a veggie panini and I had an Americano.  Madelyn had a more pretty Chai Tea.

I came home and threw together a stir fry for everyone.  After eggs, bacon, and cookies, we were feeling the need for plants.

It was very simple, just carrots, onions, pepper, broccoli, a few leftover mushrooms, and beef.

It was seasoned with a packet my mom had + Teriyaki + Soy Sauce.

Phew, this post is at the end and so is my day! Time to have some wine, read some Men’s Health, and go to sleep! I must do all my Christmas shopping tomorrow!



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I wish you could have seen me jump (and my jaw drop) when I saw pecan balls in the list of recipes!!! All of those baked goods look absolutely scrumptious!! You are a pro 🙂

Comment by Allie (Live Laugh Eat)

Holy cookie HEAVEN!!! They all look AMAZING! Poor poochie, hope he is doin better!

Comment by savoringsarah

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