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Let it snow… Or not… by Kelli
December 19, 2009, 11:49 am
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Hey all.  So, Stephen and I were supposed to go to Pennsylvania this weekend to celebrate an early Christmas with my side of the family and exchange all our presents.  Unfortunately, this is what the weather looks like this…

I know that isnt very clear, but basically all of CT is covered in BLUE.  We are right on the borerline between getting 3-6 inches of snow or 12+ inches.  Pennsylvania is also getting snow, about 8 inches.  So the trip there seemed unreasonably dangerous.  I am so sad because I really wanted to give my nephew his presents!  He is getting a play kitched fromm my parents (he is obsessed with kitchens!)  and Stephen and I got him a 102 piece set of play food, play pots and pans, and play measuring cups.  I am shipping everything today so he will still get them, but it is still pretty depressing that I wont be able to actually see him open them.

Last night we went to my company Christmas party.  It was at the Hartford Golf Club.  Just to put that in perspective, it is about $20,000 a year to belong to this particular country club, and that doesnt even include the GOLF course.  Crazy.  It was really incredible.  Unfortuantely no cell phone or cameras were allowed (I know, weird) so I got NO picture of food.  There were huge buffet tables filled with a carving station, a spinach salad station, a shrimp stirfry station, and a raw oyster bar with caviar, shrimp, and salamon.  It was quite the spread!  I had a huge spinach salad, along with some shrimp stir fry.  It was INCREDIBLE.  There was also a dessert table that would make ANYONE’s mouth water.  I am usually not much of a desser person, I prefer appetizers and bread (haha), but wow was this stuff good!  I had 2 mini cannoli’s, a few chocolate covered strawberries, and a mini square of carrot cake.  To say that I indulged on the desserts would be an understatement!!!

This morning I was pretty upset about not going to PA, so Stephen took me to my favorite breakfast place.  CRACKER BARREL!  I could eat their sourdough bread everyday and not get sick of it.  It is so flavorful and rich!  I had my favorite dish, eggs in a basket with baked apples!  This also comes with sausage or bacon, but I give mine to Stephen most of the time.

Now I am happily digesting before heading to the gym for a nice long run in the “cardio cinema.”  I love the cardio cinema at golds!  It is literally a ovie theater filled with ellipticals and treadmills.  So great!  I really love Golds Gym.  Mostly because I really do not know anyone there.  It is MY place.  I can go and workout and be completley inside my head.  It is totally theraputic for me to go and workout while thinking about my life.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!  Only 6 shopping days left til Christmas!!!!


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