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Sugar and Wine by Katie
December 17, 2009, 1:40 am
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Lunch and dinner were super boring and repeats from yesterday so instead I bring you: my first cookie baking experience without my mom.  Awww.  If you recall, I spilled and dropped just about everything this morning.  Tonight was a repeat: melted butter all over my microwave (what a blast to clean!) and dropped an egg on the floor.  Somehow, I managed to finally make this dough recipe.  I wanted to use a family recipe but this was super easy and I had all the ingredients.

Blob o' dough chillin' in the fridge

As the dough chilled, I went to the gym and did a sad little workout on the elliptical.  Hey, at least I did something, right? I’m a bit under the weather but I have always felt that a short workout makes me feel better, and research supports this.  Anyway, I came home, showered, laundered, packed, and made icing, modified with more vanilla/ less butter.  Anyone have a healthier method to make icing??

The cookies cooked fast and we snacked on some wine-

My roommate Matt discovered this wine at a local restaurant and we (myself, Matt, and his boyfriend Jorge) became obsessed.  Now, my wine tasting skills aren’t great, but we have had the 2007 and it is better than the 2008 that we had tonight.  Although, the 2008 is cheaper.

I set up a decorating station for a couple of friends we had over

And finally we snacked on the finished product

Bucknell pride snowman!

I’m so tired, it is an hour past my bedtime and I think I am crashing extra hard from sugar and a glass of wine or definitely two.




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Gorgeous cookies! The only way I have ever made icing is with powdered sugar, water & vanilla! Does the trick 🙂

Comment by savoringsarah

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