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Goal Accomplished by Kelli
December 17, 2009, 5:23 pm
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Hey blog world 🙂 I bring you some good news today! Just a note before I tell you though, I do NOT want this blog to be about weight or a number on a scale. That is not the goal of “Two Lives, One Lifestyle”. I also do not beleive in “diets” anymore. I spent too much of my life on one diet or another, and now beleive in making little changes to my over all life style if I want to meet a certain goal. Whether it might be a little more cardio, only having an evening snack once a week, etc.

That being said, about 6 weeks ago I stepped on the scale and was not exactly thrilled with what I saw. I was about 12-15 pounds away from the lightest I had been in recent memory. An even bigger issue was that I was starting to not feel comfortable in my own skin, and my clothes were getting tighter. Stephen and I had gone through several transitions this year and in each transition I lost sight of my healthy goals I had set in January. I have always been an emotional eater, and the emotions we experienced this year definately made me eat. Luckily I really hadn’t “gained” weight since January. I had lost a lot of weight in the first 3 months of 2009 when I first started my journey of true healthy living, not another diet and not another far fetched goal that my body couldnt handle. As tax season and my husbands job loss set in, however, I lost steam. I feel like it happens to so many of us. We just get TIRED. The sofa FEELS better. And the chinese place on speed dial is easier than planning, shopping for, and cooking a healthy meal. But then something happens, your body does not feel right. You feel full, but you are not SATISFIED. I have had this feeling one to many times in my life, and was just plain tired of it.

Anyway, the number was not good, I was not feeling well, and knew I needed to really needed to make a few changes. I decided to try and lost 12 pounds in 6 weeks. Incendently, it was exactly 6 weeks until I would be on a beach in Florida! My eating was already very good, but my portion sizes definately needed some work. And I was allowing myself more “treats” than were necessary. I decided to cut out the nightly treat I was having, and tried to burn an extra 200 calories a day. I was already very active, having run my first half marathon about a month previously and frequenting my gyms spinning classes, so the exercise was not what needed changing.

Well I am happy to report that I have met my goal! This morning when I got on the scale, I had lost 12 pounds. I acheived the goal about 5 days early, and could not be more thrilled! Woohoo! I cant wait to wear the new bikini on a beach in FL!


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Yayyy. Congrats girl that’s huge!!!

Comment by savoringsarah

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