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The Stem Gem by Kelli
December 11, 2009, 6:32 pm
Filed under: Kelli, Kitchen tools

Happy Friday everyone!  Wow, this week flew by!  Thank god!  I really really love weekends.  Before taking my current job as an investment accountant I never got to enjoy them!  My first job out of college was working for a public accounting firm, and I either worked every weekend or was studying for the CPA.  I never felt like I had time to unwind, but now I finally do!  And I love love love it!

Today started off great with a 6AM spinning class that I try to go to every Friday.  The class is awesome.  I love the instructor, the music is always good and has plenty of variety and the workout is hard.  I always tell myself that if I woke up that early to go to the gym I better make it worth it!

I got home to shower, and made a breakfast to take to work with me.  Yogurt, strawberries, and walnuts.  I love this new yogurt I tried, Wallaby!  It organic and the kind with fruit in the bottom is fantastic.

And now, ladies, I will introduce the COOLEST kitchen utensil EVER.

THE STEM GEM!!! It is for taking the stem off strawberries.  Watch and be amazed…

I know, its incredible!  Haha, my husband always says I am obsessed with any tools that cuts or cores fruit.  And its true.  I am addicted.

And finally, the finished breakfast yogurt product

We are going out to dinner tonight with a group of friends to a new sushi place!  woohoo!  There is nothing this gal loves more than some sushi 🙂


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