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Operation Beautiful by Kelli
December 9, 2009, 5:43 am
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So here I am, 5:30 in the morning and I have been awake for 4 hours.  Yes, 4 hours.  I woke up with a start at 1:30 this morning and have no been able to calm my mind since.  I tried to fall back to sleep for about 3 hours with no luck.  At 4:30 I decided to get up and make some tea and really try to figure out what was keeping me awake.  As I was thinking I started to make a list of things Stephen and I have to do before Christmas and leaving for Florida.  This “to-do” list turned into a 45 item list of things to buy, do, wash, clean, pack, wrap, and ship.  Along with places to go, food to make, research to do.  The list is huge.  No wonder I couldn’t sleep!  There is just so much to do!  I honestly feel better having written everything down though, and even got some things crossed off the list this morning thanks to some good ol’ online shopping and the handy dandy credit card.  I know I will get everything done in time, and need to just breath and be THANKFUL that I not only CAN get everything done, but that I am physically able.  Stephen and I have so much to be thankful for going into this holiday season, and as long as I don’t get too caught up with the hustle, bustle, and commercialization of the holidays I will be able to enjoy every moment.  I can’t wait to be in Florida on Christmas day, surrounded by family, and really taking in how truly blessed I am 🙂

I also forgot to post yesterday about my first Operation Beautiful note!  I left this on the mirror in the locker room for all my fellow female gym goers to see and appreciate.

In my list making frenzy this morning I also started to write down some goals I had for 2010.  One of them was to be more active with these Operation Beautiful notes.  It felt so good to leave my first one the other day.  I truly truly believe in the mission of Operation Beautiful and think it is so important for people to know how truly beautiful they are and appreciate themselves for everything they CAN do and everything they ARE, not hating themselves for what they can’t do and everything they think they are not.  In light of that goal I made an “Operation Beautiful Kit” to keep in my purse at all times!  It is complete with fun post its, a pen, and tape.

I can’t wait to leave more notes!!!

Since I was up so early I thought I might take advantage of the “Early Bird” 5:45 AM spin class at my gym.  However, when I went to go to my car this is what I found…

SNOW!  And not just snow, but a mixture of snow and freezing rain.  My driveway/car were a solid sheet of ice!  Being the “winter driving chicken” that I am, I opted for a Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred workout DVD instead.  Oh man, these are the days when I wish I worked out of the house and could stay off the roads!!!!

I hope everyone has a great hump day!


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