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Freezer dinners & 2 for 1 by Katie
December 9, 2009, 11:56 pm
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Tonight for dinner, I looked to the freezer once again.  I had about a serving of frozen spaghetti squash, a half cup of frozen mushroom spaghetti sauce from Sunflower Market, a few slices of eggplant parmesan, and an Italian sausage from Boulder Sausage Company (go local!).   It’s pretty clear where this is going… I removed the casing from the sausage and browned it and then added the frozen sauce.  Realizing this wasn’t enough liquid, I found a handy can of diced tomatoes to add.  Lastly, I added partially defrosted chopped eggplant parm pieces and let it simmer for a good 20 minutes.

While I waited, I made the same salad as yesterday because I had just returned from a great leg workout with gym buddy  Osdania and I was starvin’. Once the sauce was ready, I mixed a generous serving with spaghetti squash.  My favorite part of pasta is the topping so I love using spaghetti squash instead of spaghetti- I can have bigger portions!  One problem I had was while defrosting the spaghetti squash, it produced a LOT of liquid.  Before adding the sauce, I had to actually drain the squash.  Any tips?

To complete my dinner, a few squares of this happened:

I bought 3 different varities of this brand when it was on sale and so far, I have liked the “superfruit” variety the best.  It had tiny pieces of chewy fruit mixed in which complemented the 74% dark chocolate base.

Two for One

Lastly for tonight, in the two of us posting on one blog spirit, Kelli had the idea to bring in two ideas for one food product.  Today, Tina on Carrots ‘N’ Cake blogged about a giveaway for Element Bars and it looked like the perfect chance for Kelli and I to show two options for one item.   On Element’s fun website, you get to design your own energy bars with an oaty, crispy, date-y, or chewy base.  As you add ingredients, the nutrition facts are displayed.  If you want to try to win some free bars of your own design, check out Tina’s blog.

My take is a chocolate-cherry bar with an oaty base, dried cherry and chocolate chip add-ins, flax seed for crunch, and a whey protein boost.

Hope you like the two for one deal.. 😉


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